All Together 0,33l Limited Edition 12 Bottles

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With the collaboration between the A. Foletto company and the Leder di Ledro Craft Brewery, this new product was born.

After careful and long infusion of dried hops of "Cascade" quality, it was mixed with appropriately balanced bitter infusions of cinchona, gentian and rhubarb, suitably attenuated with the citrus taste of bitter and sweet oranges from Lake Garda, with the addition of licorice and coriander. The result obtained is a delicate bitter with a pungent hint of hops, but balanced to be used both at the end of a meal and for the preparation of aperitifs.

Alcohol content 30 °. It is packaged in 0.5 liter bottles


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    Winter Beck Beer
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    Ginevra Beer
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    Bügatina Beer
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